It’s been acknowledged that the virus affects the respiratory system, which leads to the death of the patient quite quickly; the most evident symptoms are dyspnoea, i.e. an evident respiratory difficulty, and a strong and constant fever. AMI ITALIA has established some international partnerships with foreign companies specialized in the production of diagnostic medical tools which are considered crucial for the detection of the first symptoms of Coronavirus and to monitor some parameters autonomously to prevent the hospitalization of the patient that has caught the virus.
Thanks to these partnerships AMI ITALIA is today able to offer a wide range of high-performance devices for the detection of single vital parameters such as arterial haemoglobin saturation (pulso oximeter) and body temperature (infrared thermometer) and the simultaneous monitoring of several values such as heart rate, blood pressure and arterial haemoglobin saturation (multi-function monitor).
Furthermore, to avoid Coronavirus spreading any further, it’s becoming imperative and even compulsory in many countries the use of some Protective Personal Equipment.
In the next phases of this global health emergency the individual protection, on a regular basis and for any common activity, will be crucial to stop the transmission of the virus.
We are therefore cooperating with foreign companies specialized in manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment as: protective mask, face shield and coverall suits.