AMI Italia has always been an innovative company and is particularly sensitive to Technological Evolution and Experimental Development.


The primary mission of the AMI R&D Centre is to create and consolidate the technical skills to study, analyse and continuously identify new development opportunities, new products and new applications in the electro-medical field.
Given the extreme complexity and vastness of the technical and technological issues to be addressed, AMI R&D has complementary development capabilities that allow it to operate synergistically with Research Institutions, shares interests and objectives with similar Industrial realities in Partnership and has technical expertise to access institutional channels of Local or European Funding (POR, FP7, MIURS).

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Innovation strategy

Over the past year, the company's innovation strategy has focused on the integration of electromedical technologies with those of fixed and mobile telecommunications and, in particular, with advanced wireless Personal Area Networking (WPAN) technologies. The aim is to combine advanced networking (WPAN, WIFI and GPRS) and automatic (AutoControl Systems) technologies with the needs and recent requirements of the medical sector.
These objectives can certainly be achieved thanks to the strong Partnership with Public Research Institutions and other national industries engaged in research and development of innovative and efficient solutions for medical equipment, but also thanks to the know-how gained by the company.