2 November 2021

Medica 2021

AMI Italia awaits you to MEDICA FAIR ! The leading international trade fair for the medical sector The Medica will take place on 4 days […]
18 May 2021

Arab Health 2021

AMI Italia awaits you to ARAB HEALTH FAIR, a flagship event for the healthcare industry, at the Dubai International Convention […]
27 April 2020


Given the current state of global health emergency caused by the Covid-19, AMI ITALIA has intensified the production of the […]
22 April 2020

A.M.I. Italia by your side against Coronavirus

In this particular historical moment of health emergency due to the globally spreading Coronavirus, it’s very important to protect yourself […]
5 February 2020

Monte Di Procida becomes a cardio-protected municipality

The informative press conference on the installation of two defibrillators in the areas of Acquamorta, Largo 7 July, and near […]
24 December 2019

Cagliari Cardioprotected City – New goals

In recent days we have completed the installation of 5 defibrillators in as many city pharmacies, which our club has […]
29 May 2019

Tg3 Service

Tg3 talks about AMI Italia Source: Rai Play
24 September 2019

The Gian Franco Lupo association donates a defibrillator to the Municipality of Oppido Lucano

The Gian Franco Lupo association – “A smile to life” donates our defibrillator Saver One to the municipality of Oppido […]
1 October 2019

Acerenza: a defibrillator donated by the “Gian Franco Lupo” association

The Mayor of the municipality of Acerenza, Fernando Teodoro Maria Scattone, receives a Saver One defibrillator from the “Gian Franco […]
3 October 2019

New defibrillator in Matera thanks to Casa Netural and Confagricoltura Basilicata

The Casa Netural association, thanks to Confagricoltura Basilicata, donates a Saver One defibrillator to the municipality of Matera. Equipping the […]
7 October 2019

Taxi of the heart

In Cagliari, our Saver One defibrillators were installed in twelve taxi to join the “Cagliari Città Cardioprotetta” project, thus sanctioning […]
15 October 2019

Cardiosafe stations

Cardiosafe stations: the Circumvesuviana solidarity fund donated two Saver One defibrillators to the EAV station – Ente Autonomo Volturno srl […]